Harpa is such a visually striking part of the Reyjavik waterfront. Despite driving and walking by it for a few days, we never had enough time to walk in and really view it. We finally made time on day 6 after Felix and I got our tattoos. More on that later.

Harpa strongly reminded me of the odd shapes and style of the Seattle Public Library. I find that people either love or hate the design of it. I’m in the ‘love’ camp, so Harpa felt warm and inviting to me with its many windows and minimalist colour scheme.

The first floor of Harpa has a gorgeous tourist shop with some ~artsy~ items. The second and third floors have auditoriums and seating for those who seem to just want to admire the building. We climbed the stairs and sat down to take detailed photos of the beautiful building. And when we looked up at the stairwell of the third floor, a group of girls wearing white dresses walked out and started practicing a song. It was such a beautiful moment, and all three of us fumbled to start recording them. Due to the acoustics of Harpa, they sounded like a choir of angels.

It felt like a moment where I was at the right place at the right time.