Seeing a double rainbow at Skogafoss is apparently the norm but I didn’t know that when I got there. It felt so special to see and I’ve never witnessed one before. (Though it did make me think of that ridiculous double rainbow video that blew up on Youtube a few years ago…)


While there isn’t a beautiful bridge to cross the bridge like at Barnafoss, there is a very ridiculous set of stairs that you can climb to get to the top of the waterfall.

All three of us climbed the stairs to see the view. As we climbed, the folks coming down from the top offered encouragement to every group climbing up. It was such a warm day for the climb. But as we climbed higher, the wind picked up and cooled us off. I had hopes that somehow the overlook of the waterfalls would get us on top of the waterfall itself. There’s something so beautiful about the water rushing beneath your feet, but who knows if I would have trusted it, that far off the ground.