aka a non-Parisian girl’s guide to the best restaurant (she visited) in Paris

I didn’t know if I’d fall in love with the food in Paris. I love macarons, but it isn’t quite the same as falling in love with the meals. I haven’t ever fallen in love with a Parisian-style restaurant in the states… it was all I had to go on.

When Yves was in Seattle, I took him to the best we had to offer and I knew he’d do the same. But he was leading me to a train station. Mind you, one with interesting statues.

2015.06 - Paris He and his lovely girlfriend took me to Lazare…  2015.06 - Paris

…where I had some of the best food I’ve ever tasted…

2015.06 - Paris

…and where I learned that I actually like wine. (The girlfriend chose this particular bottle – it sold me instantly and paired perfectly with our dinner).

2015.06 - Paris

And the creme brulee wasn’t bad either.

It has been months and I’m still dreaming of those delicious perfectly fluffy mashed potatoes. I think they had at least one box of butter melted into them to make them so deliciously whipped. And I don’t care one bit.