A few years ago, I was the girl who had both a checked luggage and carry-on full of clothing, no matter how short the trip. Two inherent truths about myself at the time: I wasn’t confident about dressing the body I had and I didn’t understand the concept of a capsule wardrobe.

I keep seeing this meme floating around that you will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself so be kind. Easier said than done. But it’s been my focus for the last 10 months – fixing how I speak to myself and actually fixing what I know needs to change or improve about my life.

These improvements have included working out regularly, learning that running is mostly a mental and not physical task, becoming Whole30 alumni, learning that weight lifting releases all of the stress that builds up over the course of a day.

How the hell does that relate to packing for Mexico? I’m getting there.

Packing Essentials: Mexico

It took me less than an hour to figure out what to pack. And I needed half of a suitcase to fit everything. There were plenty of items I could have brought – pretty sundresses and cute strappy sandals and wedges and a few more swimsuits… but it wasn’t necessary for a 6 day trip.

I could easily curate my closet and tailor it for this specific trip. As a result, I am genuinely excited to get dressed tomorrow morning because I can throw any of the items together and they’ll work pretty darn well and look put together.

Part of this newfound confidence and ease is definitely related to being more fit and losing some weight. But mostly? I feel so proud of what this body can do – detox entirely from processed food while doing Whole30, leg press more than its own weight, carry its own weight for approximately 5 miles of walking/running each day. The list goes on!

Loving myself, even when I’m not the ideal person with the ideal (to me) body that I know I can eventually get to, has made the process of getting to that ideal self (and body) easier to move towards.

Packing Essentials: Mexico
Packing Essentials: Mexico

(Yep, that’s boob tape – because nobody wants to have a clothing mishap on vacation)

The list below captures the less glam things I packed but didn’t photograph because aesthetics (kidding, I ran out of time):

  • Power converter
  • Fjallraven backpack (this was my carry-on – holding the three books I brought to read on the beach)
  • Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Journal + planner
  • Curated makeup bag
  • Toiletries (which includes purple shampoo, being blonde is complicated)
  • Waterproof phone case
  • GoPro Hero 3 (borrowed from Lesley, thank you!)
  • Nike Huaraches – which I’ll be hiking in and wore on the plane
  • Undies (obviously!) and a lightweight jacket (Patagonia)


Packing Essentials: Mexico

(Date night options – 2 is plenty)