Bonus Track Shot

I strongly associate music with memories. I want to write Bonus Track weekly (hopefully!) to document those memories.

I found Tala through Instagram. She had just opened an account and posted 6 photos that together pieced together the cover of her album. The first song I listened to from EP Malika was “Wolfpack.” If there’s anything that will endear me to an artist, it is a feature with Banks.

The intro is a little weird, starting off the song with a real National Geographic vibe, telling the listener about wolves.

Then the electronic pop element kicks in. The song is about women’s empowerment and the concept of a wolfpack is Banks and Tala’s version of #squadgoals.

I love the song because it reminds me of my Irish bestie. The wolf to my moon. It also makes me think about the good ol’ days of women’s empowerment and #girlsquad music (every album from Destiny’s Child, Ladies First by Queen Latifah, Wannabe by the Spice Girls).

Read the lyrics and hear the song here.