Bonus Track Shot

I strongly associate music with memories. I want to write Bonus Tracks weekly (hopefully!) to document those memories.

I skipped the music last week in favour of focusing on Thanksgiving. Though I’m far from family, I felt I needed to make the best of the Thanksgiving that I had. This was the smallest Thanksgiving I’ve had – just the boyfriend and I, but it was our first one together and we both wanted it to be memorable. I’ll always remember that he had to work a crazy shift (4 PM to 2 AM) but that I met him for his lunch break to bring him apple pie and a coffee), that we clinked our glasses of Martinelli’s as soon as we were up, before the food was even close to ready and wished each other a happy T-day, that Brier calling woke us up.

Thanksgiving may be over, but the thankful mood is still present. I’ve had How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful by Florence + the Machine on repeat.

The feeling that you feel on January first when the year ahead of you is full of possibility and anything bad can be left behind, no, forgiven entirely, is what I hear when this song plays. It feels like wonder and a new beginning.

Of the song, Florence says:

The trumpets at the end of that song – that’s what love feels like to me: An endless brass section that goes off into space. And it takes you with it. You’re so up there. And that’s what music feels like to me. You want it just to pour out endlessly, and it’s the most amazing feeling.

It’s the perfect song for the spirit of the holidays, of love, of forgiveness. It’s exactly the way I want to feel for the rest of the holiday season.